Each Vintage•Twisted piece is unique. I rarely find matching furniture and I’m always mixing colors and playing with patterns. The designs I create reflect my current and evolving interests. Right now I’m particularly drawn to Victorian, Indian, Mexican and Moroccan patterns as well as the more organic patterns in nature.

I search for furniture with beautiful lines at estate sales, friends’ basements, flea markets, garage sales, and antique fairs, falling most in love with the ugly, rejected and mistreated. To make sure the pieces last, I repair and make changes as necessary. After sanding, each piece is primed and sanded again. Two base coats of acrylic follow, then the desigh usually requires three coats of paint. I finish with two coats of polyurethane. Turn one of my pieces over & find something else underneath.

I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Sari Shein


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