So you’ve seen lots of painted cards by now (what? you missed them? check out the gallery here), but maybe you’re wondering… how does the WRITING side look? Yup, I usually forget all about that side, but perhaps it’s important to you, since that’s the side you’re writing your sweet, sarcastic or sassy thoughts on…







hard maple

so write whatever message you like. Today I’ve been thinking about my friend, Beth, way out in Colorado. IMG_E9221

Just write your note with a pencil or ballpoint pen, pop it in the envelope provided and hand deliver. If you decide to mail your card, please remember to put it in a bubble envelope or padded envelope, available at the post office, & mail as a package. These cards are fragile, real wood & one of a kind.

Have fun & happy connecting with all those people you’ve been thinking about-

Let’s Do This!… for 100 days

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 10.12.10 PM

Come join #the100dayproject with me!

Art does not have to be your thing to participate- what habit do you want to establish for 100 days?


Vintage-Twisted update…

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 4.33.33 PM

Happy New Year! 2018 is going to be fantastic, isn’t it?

I’ve been having so much fun making wood cards this year. What? Are you already confused? Let me catch you up…

These wood greeting cards are made out of 100% REAL wood- hard maple, cherry and walnut, which I cut to 4×6 and sand. Sometimes I find a special wood species, but these three really take the paint, retain the integrity of the wood and are a solid weight. The back is blank so you can write your message in pencil or ball point pen.

Here are some of my favorites:

To find out what I’m up to on a more regular basis, check out Vintage-Twisted on Instagram

You can purchase cards directly from Etsy, or reach out to me if you see something you like.

Happy 2018! sari

Come on down…


Vintage-Twisted cards at The Pink Geranium & Co

829 W. Northwest Highway – Artifactural Furniture Building – Barrington, IL.

Go get yourself one.

Stay Gold


sari shein


new hand-painted wood cards.

real wood, real paint, write a note with a ball point pen on the back & pop it in the mail with a standard stamp.

available here next week.





an AWESOME touchdown

Who has your back?

one amazing Get Dwell table

Get Dwell

Kyle wrote a note to our friend, Darryl Rose, who happens to be president and founder of  Get Dwell. He wanted “big wood” so he could build a table. I was thinking Darryl would drop off some scrap wood from his home remodeling & repair business, like he’s done in the past, and Kyle would get to work with a hammer & nails and bang something together.

sari shein











What happened instead? Darryl & Paul Koenig, furniture conservator and creator, drew plans for a mortise & tenon table using handmade pegs instead of screws. Then they invited Kyle to the Winnetka Get Dwell shop to build it himself!


Kyle’s favorite part- applying the messy, messy wax

vintagetwistedsari shein The big wood turned out to be this beautiful table top, made from reclaimed wood.Get Dwell

kyle snellback

finished table!

Thanks, Get Dwell, Paul & Darryl, for this amazing experience.

If you’d like to contact Paul for furniture conservation and restoration, gold leaf repair or custom furniture, you can reach him at 847-772-2720.

Get Dwell & Darryl Rose can be found here.

What do you think Kyle’s going to be for Halloween this year? I’ll give you a hint… it has to do with a tool belt & a Get Dwell t-shirt.