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an AWESOME touchdown

Who has your back?

Win! Win!

Just saw this great movie the other night- although it’s out of the theaters. One of those quiet little movies that came & went before we had a chance to hear of it.

vintage-twisted     Funny & poignant, it’s always a joy watching Paul Giamatti wrestle with the decisions of his characters and a real treat watching Amy Ryan, girlfriend of Michael Scott on The Office, in an expanded role. But the real heartbreaker in the movie is Alex Schaffer, who plays Kyle. He’s compelling & conveys complexity with barely any dialog at first meeting.

Here’s the trailer…

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did-

Lost Things

THIS is why I decided to make a blog. gorgeous.

Angela Kohler, Ithyle Griffiths & Alison Sudol, lead singer of A Fine Frenzy, created this stop action collaboration.