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chocolate & pink table

vintage twisted : chocolate & pink table/detail


This chocolate & pink table is finished.

Found in the basement of an estate sale in rough condition, just the way I like ’em. I retained the history of this table by giving it an undercoat of pink that highlights scratches, gouges & divets through the chocolate brown topcoat. The pink designs are my own & hand painted, as always, without stencils.

vintage-twisted : chocolate & pink table/top view

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vintage•twisted : chocolate & pink/quote


Vintage-Twisted started in my dining room, while my middle guy, Kyle was recuperating from his second big eyelid reconstruction surgery. We were going to be home for a whole month, yes, that’s right, 30 days, with no one outside of our immediate family coming in and Kyle and I weren’t going out. There were two issues: high risk of infection and ripped stitches from a rambunctious six-year-old’s daily living. So we had to stay close, isolated and quiet.

What would keep Kyle interested for hours at a time, and me, too?

Here’s our solution:

I love the name I chose- Vintage for the salvaged wooden pieces I collect, & Twisted for the changes I make to them.

On hearing the name of my new venture, a friend laughed, “Perfect- you’re kinda vintage, and kinda twisted, just perfect.”

Now, what kind of friend is that?