Doggy DNA


We are asked every day… what kind of dog IS that?

We were wondering the exact same thing and elicited ideas from vets, dog trainers, dog walkers, neighbors, & strangers and WOW! there are a lot of opinions- lab, terrier, shepherd, boxer, great dane, pit bull, grey hound, plott hound and tennessee treeing brindle. She’s 10 months old now & has changed a lot, but might keep on changing still. What do you think she is?

vintage twisted

So we decided to try the Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed Dog DNA test. This test has 185 breeds in it’s library, including Plott Hound, which is what we kind of thought she was and so did Chicagoland Dog Rescue, where we got her. Here’s a picture of a Plott Hound:


It’s just a cheek swab- easy as can be. After you swab your dog’s cheeks two times, you mail it off to the lab in the envelope they’ve provided. The hard part was waiting the two weeks for the results.

Are you ready? Do you have doubts? Hmmmm….

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what that mutt is, we just love her.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Mom- xoxo

6 responses to “Doggy DNA

  • Claudia Amendola

    Neat! I’m not too sure what Luna is, either, and I keep getting different opinions from everyone as well. Maybe I should consider this test…


    • vintagetwisted

      Luna is so cute! It’s really fun to do the DNA test, but I don’t know how accurate it is- we’ll have to see as she grows up. Let me know your results if you do it.

      • Claudia Amendola

        Yikes! That cost is extreme! I am going to my vet next week and am going to ask about the kit. I really want to get it, just to sooth my curiousity about Luna, but with all other spending I’ve been doing right now, this one might have to wait!


        Post Scriptum: Luna says thank you for calling her ‘so cute’ 😀 *proud mom moment*

  • dianalynn1489

    Our dog looks identical to this dog! We don’t know what she is either but someone did a DNA test on her sibling and that dog was shar pei, bull dog, and Australian Shepard. Seriously though, I thought the pic of this dog was my dog..

  • dianalynn1489

    Our dog looks exactly like your dog. Identical.

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