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Vintage-Twisted at Design Harvest: Chicago

Design Harvest is a brand-spanking new festival here in Chicago, taking place October 2 & 3. This fest will feature furniture and home accessory makers, vintage and antique collectors, and retailers of the home design industry all from Chicago. Beer, wine, music all on Grand Avenue, between Damen & Wood. Best part: free admission

Vintage-Twisted furniture will be featured in the Renegade Handmade tent! Yes, I’ll be visiting the festival, but my furniture will be there for the duration, in the care of the capable & fabulous Renegade Handmade team. (Thanks, Danny!)

If you’re heading down, let me know & maybe we can meet up. Good chance I’ll be hanging around the amazing Kim Chapman at the Urban Environments environment.

Renegade Craft Show-Chicago 2010

I had such a good time at the Renegade Craft Show this past weekend and met so many great people. Beer, dancing, music, sunshiney days- perfect! Hope you all had fun.

Sari Shein / Vintage-Twisted

The 2 most popular pieces at the show were this much coveted sugar skull nightstand:

sugar skull/ Vintage-Twisted

paisley bookcase/ Vintage-Twisted

and this sweet little pink & green paisley bookshelf- two items that couldn’t be more different.

The Found - Greeting Cards, Gift, Journal, Coasters, Magnets

Thanks to Albert & Jim, the amazing guys of The Found, in the booth next to me. Not only were they so supportive to the newbie next door, but they also carry unique cards, coasters, buttons, magnets & lots more that I couldn’t live without.  I’m still laughing at this card & hope to one day receive it from one of my beloved, evil friends…

The Found - Greeting Cards, Gift, Journal, Coasters, Magnets

iron work & inspiration

Look at this gorgeousness hanging all over France. Beautiful, elegant old buildings & decrepit, forgotten buildings, all touched with incredible grillwork. Think this is going to end up in some form on a Vintage-Twisted piece? Can’t wait to paint…

Etsy Treasury…Resting Places

Etsy is an amazing on-line community of all handmade and/or vintage shops. The creative artists have provided me with beautiful, eclectic and one-of-a-kind gifts for many different occasions. Watch out, though. Once you visit you might never be satisfied with mass produced gifts again.

Click here to see some of my favorite items on Etsy.

Ooooo! Look at this beautiful Treasury the Cream & Black Bench is in on Etsy!

chocolate & pink table

vintage twisted : chocolate & pink table/detail


This chocolate & pink table is finished.

Found in the basement of an estate sale in rough condition, just the way I like ’em. I retained the history of this table by giving it an undercoat of pink that highlights scratches, gouges & divets through the chocolate brown topcoat. The pink designs are my own & hand painted, as always, without stencils.

vintage-twisted : chocolate & pink table/top view

Want more details? Check it out in my etsy shop or on my website

vintage•twisted : chocolate & pink/quote

sugar skulls & pink medallions

Can’t wait to get back in the studio…

vintage-twisted : sugar skull night stand

vintage twisted : brown & pink medallion tableI’m so excited about the black nightstand! It’s an old, beat up, Haywood Wakefield that I’m reworking. Studs, skulls & bones- my goth 7-year-old has called dibs. I’m dreaming of sugar skulls and jolly rogers.

The little brown table with the pink medallion is almost finished- just working on the final polyurethane coat. That will be showing up on my website & in my Etsy shop soon.


Vintage-Twisted started in my dining room, while my middle guy, Kyle was recuperating from his second big eyelid reconstruction surgery. We were going to be home for a whole month, yes, that’s right, 30 days, with no one outside of our immediate family coming in and Kyle and I weren’t going out. There were two issues: high risk of infection and ripped stitches from a rambunctious six-year-old’s daily living. So we had to stay close, isolated and quiet.

What would keep Kyle interested for hours at a time, and me, too?

Here’s our solution:

I love the name I chose- Vintage for the salvaged wooden pieces I collect, & Twisted for the changes I make to them.

On hearing the name of my new venture, a friend laughed, “Perfect- you’re kinda vintage, and kinda twisted, just perfect.”

Now, what kind of friend is that?