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Come Renegade with Me

Renegade Craft Fair - Chicago

Hey, all- I got accepted into the Renegade Craft Fair, right here in Chicago. So excited- it was a juried kind of entrance and only 1/3 of the applicants got in. I haven’t seen furniture there in the past, but it’s a very cool, handmade, crazy kind of art/craft show and sure to be lots of fun!

Chicago September 11 & 12, 11am-7pm, Wicker Park on Division

Come on down & visit me –

Biking for all!

We found an AMAZING bike shop last spring, The Bike Rack, in St. Charles, Illinois. In addition to selling traditional bikes, Hal Honeyman will fit and offer advice to help kids with special needs find a bike that works for them. Hal began adapting bikes for his own son, Jacob, and now adapts traditional bikes with such specialty items such as extra wide tires and belted seats, and also offers adaptive bikes and tandems.

Look at the red beauty Kyle got at The Bike Rack!

To find out more about The Bike Rack, Creative Mobility & Hal Honeyman, check out this YouTube video:

Mud Season

Yup, mud season in Chicago. From now until the hot, hot days of summer we’ll be jumping in puddles, squishing through soggy sod, and finding mud smushed in carpets, clumped on hardwood floors and smeared on doors, windows and on the inside of ears. How does it get there? We don’t know, but we’re sure it has something to do with little boys…


I know it seems early here in Chicago. We have snow, and we’ll probably have more, perhaps even one of those winter storms that hint at a snow day.

But today it feels like SPRING. Birds are singing their return, the sun is shining & the sky is the bluest blue, a blue we don’t remember through all those gray winter skies.

And look, there’s proof! Here’s what we found in the yard today: