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Can you call a pit gorgeous?

The kids have been dying for a trampoline and I have serious reservations- the biggest is how is the 10 yr old with cerebral palsy going to get on?!? And off? And around the netting? Without, of course, breaking my back by lifting him up. We thought about building a staircase, perhaps with a platform, but it seems that might cause more problems than solutions.

Can a trampoline be any more unsafe than the way the kids are dangling, hanging, jumping, and twisting off the second story of the soon-to-be replaced play structure? As soon as I say, “You can NOT do that!” they come up with a new crazy, daredevil antic to perform.

And what floats across time & space and lands right here, on my computer, through a friend’s tweet? This! Known as a sunken, pit, or in ground trampoline.

vintage-twistedThanks to Babble, an amazing blog, with a lot of information for all, for posting these . Check out this post to see other backyard beauties…

After some initial research, it seems that a drainage system is a must, along with some type of retaining wall. Do you have any input? Suggestions? Concerns? Send me a comment & some help!

just love those babies!

I know you’ve already seen this, but I can’t help it. I especially love the ending.



I’m just dreaming of Blue Heaven…


Seriously, heaven on a fork! And Key West perfect: quirky outdoor patio, live music, roosters & cats roaming, unbelievable food & friendly, funny staff. Long wait, unless you’re there early.



Five sautéed Key West shrimp served over grits
with Vermont white cheddar cheese, scallions
and bakery fresh toast

Best I ever had, and I do love cheesy grits.





Who else loves Blue Heaven?

click below to find out!

vintage twisted


Vintage Twisted

why did the rooster cross the road?

Look at this gorgeous, wild rooster. Yup- running crazy in the wilds of Key West.

Our first morning Kyle runs into our room sputtering, “Er, er, er, ERRRRR! What is that? What is that?’ At 5:15am it can only be one thing. One of the many roosters roaming Key West. Apparently, this particular rooster enjoys roosting outside the window of the little house we rented for the week. We learned that roosters, hens & chicks travel as family groups, scoff at cars, bikes and other vehicles, but run blindly if a tourist is attempting to take pictures. But we just can’t help ourselves.

We hope he enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed him. We even miss him, back here at home, where we get to sleep late every day. Well, almost until 6am, anyway.

hurray for Darth Vader!

Can’t help giggling at this…

Isn’t that little cutie every 5, 6, or 7 year old you’ve ever known? I think it might be my second grader, who snuck out of the house just to wear that Darth Vader costume in a VW commercial.

If you want a really interesting take on this same commercial, check out Penelope Trunk’s post: Volkswagen Super Bowl ad is an anthem to Gen X

My Terrible Friend

So great.

Holy Roller Novocaine by My Terrible Friend

Vintage•Twisted @ Renegade Handmade / Chicago

Welcome to our shop!

So happy to say that Vintage-Twisted is now in the brick & mortar store, Renegade Handmade, here in Chicago! Renegade is a really cool shop in Wicker Park, that sells beautiful & unique handmade goods.